I have been intrigued by photography since I was in Junior High school when I got my first camera a "polaroid swinger"instant camera. I progressed to the point of owning a 35mm film Minolta camera in college and then purchasing a medium format camera shortly thereafter while learning some of the basics of photography in classes while in college.
After joining the army and as time went on and technology began to evolve for digital format cameras, I decided to purchase one which led me to wanting to learn more about the different aspects of composition, lighting and the entire photographic process.
Now that I'm retired from the Army I've decided to pursue my desire to have my own photography business and to offer the type of customized "people first" principle of including my clients in the process of creating that special image that will last a lifetime.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with and for you on your next Photographic event so that I can create that "lasting moment" for you!